Derby Posters 2016

Derby Posters 2016


Been trying some new styles in terms of posters for my roller derby league. Working with one of my teammates who is really good at photography & going for strong silhouettes. The 5th of November one started life with a white background but it looked way better on black.


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iPad Pro sketch of Holtzmann from Ghostbusters.

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My better half loves the dude above so I thought I’d do a birthday card for her featuring him. I’m a bit in love with pink and blue lighting of late so went with it.

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Brewdoll E.Lowcalm

A friend and teammate of mine turned 30 last week. She loves beer & collects labels to stick on her derby helmet so I decided to create a beer label for her 🙂 It doesn’t have all the necessary bits for a proper label but it was enough to get a laugh from her when I handed it over 🙂

The title’s a play on her derby name & the image is her as Supergirl, basically ’cause she looks uncannily like the actress in the new show (IMO).


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Batgirl (Unlimited)


We just wrapped work on our  Batman Unlimited Gotham City’s Most Wanted app and I can finally post about the Batgirl illustrations I got to do 😀 It was pretty magical getting to draw Batgirl (Tarr, Fletcher & Stewart, 52 gen.) in our app’s style (but mostly it gave me a great excuse to buy all the excellent comics ;D).

Links below to the artists behind Batgirl of Burnside.

Babs Tarr Cameron Stewart Brenden Fletcher

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Happy 30th Valdemort!


It was my pal Val’s birthday on Saturday and I was away roller derby-ing like a dreadful, neglectful human.

So I had to do something a bit more than buy her a card & a drink 🙂

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Alien Abduction – colour test


Trying a new painting technique and Ben Hennessy was kind enough to let me use his awesome artwork to work on.

Check out his site to see the original and loads of other great works.

Colours by me. Everything else by Ben 🙂

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