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Note to Self…

ALWAYS pack a puncture repair kit for your bicycle, ALWAYS!!! Fifteen minutes into my cycle home I got a flat and couldn’t fix it. I figured I’d just walk as far as the nearest service station and get it fixed there. No such luck. Tesco SUCKS!!! Not only was the air thingy broken at their pumps, but their station didn’t have a repair kit and neither did their GIANT ‘Extra’ store. For shame! On to ESSO. No repair kit again. This time I flipped the bike, took off the tyre (sans tyre iron I might add) and found the puncture. I filled it with air and managed to get to the next service station (2 minute’s cycle) before my tyre was flat again. No repair kit at the TOPAZ either! In fact NO WHERE along my 10km route had a repair kit! These things are cheap and tiny and a necessity for those of us who stupidly think, ‘It won’t happen today’. I didn’t count on all the scumbags who thinks it’s fun to smash out the bus shelter glass all over the cycle paths and roads though.

The fancy bike shop across the road from me isn’t open when I’m in the city and no where sells the kits. WTF!!!??? Surely when the volume of cyclists is increasing, some places would get a clue and start stocking the kits? I dunno, I see a market-opening.

Anyway, I’m sure my legs wouldn’t be able to take the trip two days in a row ’cause I haven’t cycled in at least a year before today, so I’m not too fussed about busing it. Pity though, it is meant to be such a lovely day…

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Christian Cuff – Chocolate Church 27/6

Show starts at 8pm 😀

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