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Bowe & Arrow

Something I did a while ago.  One of Monaghan’s great exports, Ireland winger Tommy Bowe.

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Funny Girl Fey

Tina Fey as ‘Sarah Palin’

The theme of this month’s ‘Collective Thinking’ blog is ‘Heroes of the 21st Century’ and I picked Tina Fey for her role in stopping Sarah Palin’s march to the Vice Presidency.  I’m also picking her ’cause she’s responsible for one of my favourite movies, Mean Girls 😀

The colour-scheme’s a nod to the Obama ‘Hope’ poster (below) by Shephard Fairey.  I was going to do it all in vector but figured I’d try and improve my SketchBook Pro work.

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Never thought it would happen…

…but I have FINALLY started drawing with my Wacom.  Sure I’ve used it for colour work and touch-ups in the past, but I’ve never brought a design from idea through to finished stage completely digitally.  Thanks to the App Store launching back in January I managed to get my hands on SketchBook Pro for €30 and I’ve slowly but surely come to love it.

Anyway, here are my first few stabs at drawing digitally (though I may have scribbled a rough pencil sketch to work from initially for some of them).

‘Jar of Hearts’ & ‘Rocket Science’

‘Garrett’ & ‘Misfits’

‘Katie’ & ‘Easter 2011’

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There and back again…

Been quite neglectful of this poor blog I’m afraid. The shiny-ness of devART’s portfolio sites lured me away, but I’m back…and I promise to be diligent in my posting this time 🙂 I’m hoping the title isn’t lost on some of you, nod to my time spent living in New Zealand that it is, and for now I’ll blame my WordPress absence on geography.

Anyway, while I spent most of my time in New Zealand working as a receptionist, I did manage to do some freelance promo work. Here’s a selection of those…

This is a design I did for a contest (that I didn’t end up winning) and I like it ’cause I hadn’t done anything so traditional in ages.

I’ve done several posters for this lady but this is the only one that was a bit of a happy accident. I’d drawn the portrait of her just to try a new-ish style out and she asked me to turn it into a poster.

First poster I did for Ashley Arrison. I got to attend the show in Atlanta, GA too so that was pretty cool.

This show happened while I was in NZ so I couldn’t go.

A one-page spread I did of the ‘Silo’ cd artwork for Christian Cuff. I’ve since done the artwork for his second cd ‘Chalkboard’ but haven’t photographed it yet. Must put that on the ‘to do’ list.

One of my favourite posters that I’ve done for Ashley Arrison. I literally had a night to do it because I’d a friend coming from the U.S. and I didn’t want to be working on it while she was here. Burning the midnight oil is part of the gig I guess 😀

This was one of the more difficult posters just because I didn’t want to do a standard ‘two artists, two styles, therefore poster looks disjointed’ job. I eventually took inspiration from the ‘Never Let Me Go’ book cover (movie tie-in) that was sitting on my bedside locker.

This poster took AGES to pin down ’cause they’re co-headlining. It did get the best reaction from Ashley ever though and I quote, “Holy Shitballs!! That’s amazing!!!” Gave me the warm ‘n’ fuzzies 😀

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