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Kelly Clarkson Pencil Drawing

I figured it was about time I drew this lady again so decided to go for something inspired by her recent performance at the Houston Microsoft Store opening.  Aside from the obvious cropping and a bit of cleaning up in Photoshop, this one’s strictly pencil.

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Wilde Card

Given my dissatisfaction with the likeness I got in my ‘Jurassic Wilde’ pic, I decided to give it another go. Girl’s got a great surname for inspiring drawings, and this idea provided a ‘two birds, one stone’ situation. I’ve always wanted to draw something X-Men related so here it is. Rogue & Gambit, though I’ve swapped them gender-wise. Hence, ‘Wilde Card’ (y’see what I did there? ;P). They were supposed to be doing a tango mid-air with Rogue holding Gambit up there but my drawing skills deserted me and his legs just looked plain weird. Ah the magic of the crop-circle.

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Jurassic Wilde

I haven’t really been a fan of dinosaurs since my early teens when Jurassic Park came out so, when I heard that the topic for this month’s Collective Thinking blog was just that, I wasn’t exactly full of ideas.  Then today I remembered a conversation I had about ‘Batman & Robin’ and how a teenage me just wanted to BE Alicia Silverstone in that movie (no matter how God-awfully bad it was haha) and I figured I’d draw a girl dinosaur hunter character.  Given my recent obsession with the show ‘House’ I cast Olivia Wilde as the heroine, but I’m thinking I could’ve worked on getting a better resemblance…oh well.  Anyway, here it is…

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One More Time With Feeling

I have never made any secret of the fact that I want to ultimately work in music-related design.  Neither have I ever been short of a snide remark when I see what I consider to be incredibly lazy cd artwork.  I have even been known to say that I hate cd covers with just a photo of the artist and a bit of font.  What I really mean is that I abhor seeing substandard design work ’cause someone got paid for it.  Getting a cover right is a difficult balancing act and for the ‘photo + font’ crowd, this can be almost impossible and I would like to take this moment to raise a glass up to those who succeed.  Fair play to ye.

Now, the reason for this meandering monologue?  Well even though I have been quite vocal in my current state of unemployment, I am putting together an artwork package for a VERY talented individual and getting it right is proving to be one of my hardest tasks.  Alas it’s another one of those ‘no label, no money’ deals (or very little money anyway), but when you believe in an artist I don’t think that matters.  I can only hope that some day someone signed will take notice, ’till then though…

These two are for the same package idea.  The four panels above are the cover, back, inside and tray.  Below is a mock-up of the CD (two versions) on the tray and also one panel of the lyrics booklet.  It’s mainly dark navy (the border colour for the main package) which I think would contrast nicely.

I’d just like to point out that none of these are finalised designs, all just concepts.  When I get close enough to what they want I’ll finesse away.

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An All-Too-Familiar Feeling

Some product design for a potential job.  I know it’s souvenirs (again), but I’ve a good feeling about this one.  Fingers crossed I actually get it.

Centenary Keyrings & backing card.

Centenary Mug

Centenary Plate.

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