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Koala, Katie & Roo

I drew a VERY rough sketch of Aussie singer/songwriter Katie Cole and she asked if I’d ever drawn a kangaroo.  I hadn’t so I rectified that đŸ˜€

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Maid Marian

My submission for this month’s Collective Thinking post
This took far too long to pull together but I’m glad I finished it. Nothing terribly profound or clever, I just ran with the basic idea of the ’89-’94 kids’ show ‘Maid Marian & Her Merry Men’. In a nutshell, Robin’s a dimwit & Marian’s the leader. Gave Marian a bit of a costume update ’cause she’s cool, y’know ;P Originally I had the pair of them side-by-side, with Marian looking bemused by Robin but I couldn’t get it to work so this happened.

 ..and yes, I did re-use the sketch I did at the first ‘Collective Gathering’ haha.

I sketched most of it with a 2B pencil then took it into SketchBook Pro and did up a proper line.  Colouring, composition and lettering were done in Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Little Sparks

Submission for something cool. Stay tuned for more info…maybe


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Fifty & Fabulous

My friend Freya wanted a picture for her Mam ’cause not only is it her fiftieth, but she’s also heading off to Afghanistan with the British Army soon after :/

I was going to use blues as well, but it was a bit shouty. I think this is fun and also feels age-appropriate…maybe.

Anyway, the original sketch was done traditionally, photographed & brought into SketchBook Pro. There I did the final line before bringing it into Photoshop. I added colours and some textures here before moving it all into Illustrator and compositing it, adding font and a frame. I messed around with textures a bit more but that’s basically it.



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Already Famous

Having a mess about with a font.  The band was named after a shade of nail polish in Sephora so I’ve attempted to make this look like it’s spilled polish.

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