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Following ‘She-Ra’ and ‘Rainbow Brite’, here’s ‘Supergirl’.  I’m fairly getting through my childhood heroes recently.  Might have to come up with something ‘Jem & the Holograms’ related soon 😉  Anyway, this started out life as a sketch from the first Collective Thinking meet-up and I’m delighted I can finally take it off my list of ‘things to finish’ haha.

I’m still waiting for a film adaptation to do this lady justice.


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Star of an 80s Childhood

Loved Rainbow Brite as a kid and, since I was torn between her and She-Ra for a previous Collective Thinking post, I figured it was about time to sketch her up.  I’d have put ‘the most magnificent horse in the universe’ (all his own words haha) in the background ‘cept he didn’t quite fit the picture.

Anyway, here she is 🙂

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Collective Thinking Blog – September ’11

Submission for this month’s Collective Thinking Blog.  The theme is ‘Birds, Birds, Birds’ but I ran with the human (or rather, celestial) variety…angels.  It’s mainly inspired by how the homeless are invisible to a lot of us and I thought I’d make them the angels.  So, while those of us who believe look to the skies, maybe we should be looking closer to home.







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