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Mele Kalikimaka

I was commissioned to do a portrait and, since it was a Christmas present, I’ve had to hold off posting it ’till I heard it’d been given 😉  I did two versions (only difference is shirt colour) so here they are…  The first one is the final version, the second is the original.

Oh, and ‘Mele Kalikimaka’ means Merry Christmas in Hawaii apparently 😉

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Feeling Inspired…

So, for the first time in a few weeks I was able to sit down and just draw something random.  Ever since seeing the new video for Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger I’ve wanted to break out the pencils, and with the amazing graphic novels I got this Christmas, I sat down feeling really inspired.  We were watching the Michael Bublé Christmas Special thing so I wasn’t really focused on the picture ’till it started to actually take shape and I think that helped.

I’ve scanned it properly now that I’m back in Dublin.

Uploading a colour/texture version in a sec…

Here’s the music video it was inspired by 😀

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A Very Nettey Christmas

Was commissioned to do a family portrait by Annette ‘Nettey’ Farol (hence my VERY clever blog post title hehe) so here it is 🙂

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Saw the just-released video for this talented, young lady’s holiday single and decided it was going to be my Christmas e-card for 2011.

It’s a lovely track and major kudos to her for filming the video on London’s busy streets with shoppers rubbernecking. Aside from the fact that it’s played on a ukelele and is really cute, the video’s worth a look just to see the passers-by’s’ reactions haha.

Check out the video for ‘This Holiday’

Kennedy Noel ‘This Holiday’

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