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Totem Pole

Had a very random idea for a totem pole drawing of the band ‘Fred and Bob’.  Might be because one of their new tracks is called Eagle, might be because there’s a Pug on the EP cover…who knows?  Anyway, here it is.

You can also grab a free download of their new EP ‘Anti-Gravity Love’ here

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Fruity Peeps

My good friend Zach Katz asked for a portrait after I posted my Spider-Man picture so I drew him inside the Apple logo (’cause he works for them, obviously haha).  Anyway, long story short, two other friends of mine who also work for the fruit saw the drawing and of course I couldn’t turn down their requests 🙂

So, here they are, Zach, Colie and Colleen 🙂

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Open For Business…

Trying to get the ball rolling a bit faster in the whole ‘drawing for money’ business so if you fancy a one-off drawing of something by yours truly, drop me an email at or a tweet @elainesnowden.  Alternatively, let me know if you see anything here or indeed in this blog that’s described as ‘traditional’ (i.e. the finished product exists outside of a computer) and you’d like to own it (or buy it for someone else).

If you could help spread this along to friends/enemies/family/strangers I will be eternally grateful 🙂

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The Amazing Spider-Man

Well there’s a first time for everything.  I’ve never attempted to draw Marvel’s famous web-slinger, mainly because the artists who draw him are so damn great it’s intimidating, but also because I could never think of a pose that hadn’t been done a bazillion times before.  Now, that’s not to say that I am under any illusion that my drawing is something new, but I think it’s Spider-Man done in my current style.

Anyway, it’s all pencil-work with just the whites touched up in Photoshop afterwards.

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Ulysses by James Joyce. Bloomsday is fast approaching and The Irish Times newspaper has launched a competition to design a new cover for the book.  Here’s my take.

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Stronger Brite

I realised that my Stronger drawing from Christmas suited the Rainbow Brite treatment so I coloured it.

Here’s the photo and picture comparison that inspired all this…

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Kelly Brite


Inspired by Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Rainbow Brite’-esque outfit in London.

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Chely Wright picture signed :)

My very awesome bestie Erin caught Chely’s NY Winery show on the 2nd of June and she waited in line for an hour to get the lovely lady to sign my picture 😀  Looking forward to getting it framed.

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